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SOlution GESTion ALimentaire (Food Management Solution)

Exclusively Canadian-owned, international food broker, established in 2015. Sogestal works with facilities that produce Ready Meals for well-known foodservice companies in North America. Boasting a diverse group of professional and network of CFIA / FDA facilities in North America, with a monthly production capacity of over 400,000 food related products at any given time, to service your every need.


We’ve sourced a professional team of elite international suppliers of raw material. Comprehensive knowledge of our industry are matched with a variety of manufacturers and producers. We also offer custom-made products tailored to specific needs.


Sogestal is constantly striving for high quality, rigorous management and upgrading of capacity in this fierce competitive market, which in turn, attracted Fortune 500 brands of companies.


Proficiency results from profound accumulation.
Our long-term dedication to R&D and investment in avant-garde techniques lay the solid foundation for sustainable development of Sogestal. Working with federally inspected facilities, along with developmental and material R&D, are our competitive edge for this internationally-acclaimed level.


We attach much importance to the sole motto
“Being devoted, practical, and proficient” for quality prestige customer-oriented service. Our Professional and knowledgeable team have access to a Culinary Centre, marketing department and first class administrative support.
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