We work closely with manufacturers on all facets of your project and aim to seamlessly streamline procedures and production timelines while respecting our team of professionally trained staff and the working environment. We identify your goals, show what we can do, then customize a proposal that best suits your needs. We execute your plan with detailed precision and follow up on a consistent basis in order to review progress and maintain a high level of quality.


Providing delicious kosher meals for members of the tribe wherever they may be. Perfect for business people, students, & travelers. Anyone who’s hungry. We have a complete product line and can ship anywhere in the world. Contact us for delicious new kosher gourmet meals, snacks and pastries. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best kosher ingredients in the world and working with some of the best chefs in the industry. We have the capacity to meet your every need and customize a kosher meal program that will set you apart.